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Two new Fountain Pens

We just released two new fountain pens - the Crowquill Fountain Pen and the Hawkquill Fountain Pen. The hawkquill nib is slightly larger than the crowquill so it requires a larger feed. Other than that, the two pens are identical. When you want to replace the nib, slide off the old nib and press on the new nib. You can adjust the position of the nib to increase or decrease the flow of ink.   

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Fountain Pen Parts 101: Flexible Nibs

When drawing or writing script, a fountain pen can come in handy. As we detailed in a past post, there are are advantages of using a fountain pen over other writing tools. In this post, we’d like to start a series that explores the individual parts of the fountain pen and the way that they contribute to the overall pleasant experience. We’ll start by spotlighting the fountain pen nib, and learn how to employ a flexible nib properly for the most enjoyable use of your fountain pen. Getting the most out of your flexible nib Hold the nib properly: Unlike a fountain pen with a firm nib or a ball point pen, flexible nibs require a much lighter touch. Each additional...

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The Illustrious History Of The Fountain Pen

Whether you’re an artist or not, chances are you’ve encountered a fountain pen at least once in your life. You may have received one as a gift or purchased it for your drawing hobby. You might even be carrying it in your breast pocket right now! You've probably never stopped to think about the fact that the fountain pen is a pretty marvelous invention that completely changed the way human beings write and create art. Keep reading to discover some fast facts about how the fountain pen and its parts were invented. Then stick around to shop the full selection of fountain pens and replacement parts here on the Ackerman Pens website! Fountain Pens Were Invented To Solve A Serious...

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