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Two new Fountain Pens

We just released two new fountain pens - the Crowquill Fountain Pen and the Hawkquill Fountain Pen. The hawkquill nib is slightly larger than the crowquill so it requires a larger feed. Other than that, the two pens are identical. When you want to replace the nib, slide off the old nib and press on the new nib. You can adjust the position of the nib to increase or decrease the flow of ink.   

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Example of lines drawing with various dip nibs

Someone recently asked if we could post examples of lines drawn with various dip nibs so they could determine what nibs would work best for them. It sounded like a good idea at first, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized pictures of line examples would not have much value to someone starting out. Most pen and ink artists already know their favorite dip nibs and what type of line they want to get from them. The major differences between nibs are not so much in the line that is drawn, since that is up the artist. Two artists working with the same nib can get dramatically different results. The important difference is in the "feel" of working...

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