All about the advantages of overfeeds

Two new articles on overfeeds - about overfeeds and using overfeeds. The first describes overfeeds and how they can be useful. The second describes our overfeeds and how to assemble them in your Pump Pens.

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Adding new products and expanding descriptions

We've added many new products recently, and are expanding the descriptions for our products. We are uploading better pictures, and working to make the web site are more attractive and informative place to determine whether our pen products are right for you.  We have also added an area for comments to all of our pages, so you can ask questions about information that we have overlooked. 

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. . .  to our new web site. We can now use a suite of applications that let us track customers,  products, sales, orders, returns, and customer problems with the efficiency expected in a professional company.  We hope you enjoy our new web site. Feel free to post your comments. 

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