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Pump Pens  are fountain pens you can use to draw, sketch, paint, illustrate, doodle and write to your heart's content. 
  • Use the nib of your choice
  • Remove nibs easily to clean or replace
  • Use any ink or paint - if it flows, it will work
  • Press the pump for a stronger flow, great for inking large areas
  • Easy to clean - field strip in 10 seconds
Fun to use, easy to clean and hard to plug up, Pump Pens let you pick the ink, the nib, and the flow.  

    Manga G Pump Pen

    Manga G Pump Pen

    If you enjoy drawing with a Manga G nib, you'll love this Pump Pen. It contains one Zebra Manga G nib, and feeds ink to the nib automatically. 

    Note: You might be able to use a Manga G nib from another manufacturer, such as Tachikawa or Nikko, however, this is not guaranteed. Only Zebra Manga G nibs are produced with sufficient precision to work reliably in this Pump Pen. 

    Many artists enjoy the Zebra Manga G nib because it it flexible yet durable and provides a wide range of line widths. 

    If you prefer to use another Manga G nib, consider our Manga G Nib adaptor. This is more appropriate for Manga G nibs made by manufacturers other than Zebra. 

    Cleaning and Replacing the Nib

    You can remove the nib to replace or clean it. Just pull out the adaptor, remove the old nib, replace it with the new nib, then push the adaptor back into the pen. 


    This Pump Pen also accepts the Ackerman Sketch and Music nibs. 

    For more information . . . 

    Read all about Manga G nibs and Pump Pens

    Advantages of Pump Pens

    • Use any ink or paint, even India ink and acrylic paint
    • Use your favorite dip nib or one of our nibs
    • Press the pump for a stronger flow - you get what you press, from a drop to a gush
    • Large reservoir lets you draw all day without refilling
    • Extra reservoir lets you snap in a refill quickly
    • Easy to clean - just flush with warm water


    $ 39.95